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Political Excuses

I’d like to ramble on about excuses in the political realm.  One of my relatives does not believe that voting does any good because the system is corrupt.  When a friend of mine tried to offer reasons that Republican reforms … Continue reading

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Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand 1

I started Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand.  Tim Pawlenty was the Republican Governor of Minnesota from 2003-2011, as well as a Republican candidate for President in 2011. In my latest reading, I particularly enjoyed Pawlenty’s stories about growing up as … Continue reading

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Women Learning Philosophy and Philo’s Depiction of the Therapeutae

In my latest reading of Jewish Women Philosophers of First-Century Alexandria: Philo’s ‘Therapeutae’ Reconsidered, Joan Taylor discusses the Greco-Roman views on women studying philosophy, as well as how Philo’s depiction of the women in the Therapeutae takes into consideration Greco-Roman … Continue reading

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