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Phyllis Schlafly

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly has passed on at the age of 92.  In this post, I will share my interactions with her thought throughout the course of my life, as well as some links. When did I first hear of … Continue reading

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Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s Pat Nixon: The Untold Story 1

I started Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s Pat Nixon: The Untold Story.  Julie was the youngest daughter of Richard and Pat Nixon. What I’ll do in this post is quote a passage of the book that stood out to me, and then … Continue reading

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Reinventing Richard Nixon 7

In my blog post today about Daniel Frick’s Reinventing Richard Nixon: A Cultural History of an American Obsession, I’ll use as my starting-point a passage on pages 167-168.  There, Frick states: “For liberals, Richard Nixon serves as more than an … Continue reading

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Nixon Reconsidered 8

I finished Joan Hoff’s Nixon Reconsidered.  I have three items. 1.  I liked something that Hoff said on pages 344-345: “…the parents of those born after 1974 either strongly opposed or supported Nixon for reasons their children still do not … Continue reading

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Life of Pi (the Movie)

I watched Life of Pi last night, and I rewatched parts of it this morning.  Life of Pi was a reward-winning movie that was released in 2012, and it is based on a 2001 book by Yann Martel.  It is … Continue reading

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Leaders 3

A theme that came up more than once in my latest reading of Richard Nixon’s Leaders was alcohol.  Here are some stories that Nixon tells: —-Page 143: “[German leader Konrad Adenauer] had other weapons besides the cold steel of logic, … Continue reading

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The Debs Museum and My Ideological Shifts

On page 197 of Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist, W.A. Swanberg refers to Terre Haute, Indiana as Eugene “Debs’s town and a holy place to Socialists”.  I grew up close to Terre Haute, and I visited the Debs museum twice.  … Continue reading

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Aaron Jastrow’s Sermon

I finished Herman Wouk’s The Language God Talks: On Science and Religion. At the end of the book, Wouk quotes the sermon of Professor Aaron Jastrow, who was a character in Wouk’s book, War and Remembrance.  As I read the … Continue reading

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Seize the Moment 3

For my write-up today on Richard Nixon’s 1992 book, Seize the Moment: America’s Challenge in a One-Superpower World, I will again quote passages from the book, following each quote with my comments. 1.  On pages 176-177, Nixon discusses what the … Continue reading

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Letchworth State Park

I didn’t go to church this morning because I took a little trip with my brother (who is visiting), my Mom, and my Mom’s husband to Letchworth State Park.  In addition to having a waterfall and a dam, this park … Continue reading

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