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7/10/2012 Links

I’ve got two links for today: 1.  Whenever I go home to Indiana, I like to catch up on The Journal, which is a newspaper about churches within the Armstrongite movement.  I was reading The Journal online last night, and … Continue reading

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Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand 2

In my latest reading of Tim Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand, Pawlenty talks about losing his mother to cancer in the late 1970’s. This was a sad story to read.  Pawlenty’s mother for a long time ignored her physical pain because … Continue reading

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Dead, Yet Alive

I finished Joan Taylor’s Jewish Women Philosophers of First-Century Alexandria: Philo’s ‘Therapeutae’ Reconsidered.  In my latest reading, Taylor presents the Therapeutae as a Jewish group in the first century that celebrated the weekly Sabbath but also a festival every forty-nine … Continue reading

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