David Cole on the Absurdity of WaPo “Fact-Checking” and the Woke “Words Kill” Meme

“Regarding the Fauci/NIAID beagle-torturing claims, Reinhard and Abutaleb (and the people they interviewed for the piece) dismissed them as ‘false,’ ‘misinformation,’ ‘bogus,’ ‘conspiracy theories,’ ‘ridiculous accusations and outright lies,’ ‘dangerous to the entire field of science,’ and ‘erroneous claims amplified by a right-wing echo chamber.’ ‘Falsified misinformation’ from ‘inflammatory right-wing media outlets and influencers’ created ‘outrage that was supercharged’ by ‘Republican operatives’…But then you read the fine print in those 3,650 words and you realize that of the six beagle-torture studies WCW cited, five actually were funded by Fauci’s NIAID (including one in which beagles had their vocal cords cut ‘to protect the researchers from hearing loss’ from the agonized wailing of the tortured dogs)…”

“Okay, you say words kill? I say silence kills. You say Dave Weigel’s tweet caused a tranny to slit his wrists. Can you prove it? If I were to say that a teen girl committed suicide because she was told to shut up and stay silent after a tranny flashed his junk at her in the locker room, my claim would have as much validity as yours.”

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