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Book Write-Up: The Story of Christian Theology, by Roger E. Olson

Roger E. Olson.  The Story of Christian Theology: Twenty Centuries of Tradition and Reform.  IVP Academic, 1999.  See here to purchase the book. Roger E. Olson teaches theology at George W. Truett Theological Seminary, which is at Baylor University.  In … Continue reading

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Ask Bethany House: What’s Your Favorite Bethany House Book?

Originally posted on Bethany House Fiction:
I see you there, cunning reader who thought I’d completely ignore this question because I was afraid of showing favoritism. Or maybe you thought I’d be vague and say, “That’s like asking me to…

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Did God Command Genocide?

Originally posted on Pursuing Veritas:
In Joshua 8:2, Yahweh seems to command the indiscriminate killing of the inhabitants of the city of Ai: “And you shall do to Ai and its king as you did to Jericho and its king.…

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Jesus as the Fulfillment of the Law – Matthew 5:17-20

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Jesus begins by making it clear he is not abolishing the Law, but rather demonstrating how to keep the Law properly. It is possible, Scot McKnight suggest, that Jesus has been accused of breaking the…

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Church Write-Up: Jeremiah 11:18-20; Mark 9:30-37; James 3-4

The LCMS Wednesday Bible study started up again.  Here are some of the points that I got out of it. A.  One of the texts was Jeremiah 11:18-20, in which Jeremiah complains of people from his hometown (Anathoth) trying to … Continue reading

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Can We Reconcile The Messiah Ben David and The Messiah Ben Joseph Tradition in Judaism?

Originally posted on THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM:
Should Christians try to share the message of the Jesus the Messiah with their Jewish neighbors? This has always been a thorny topic. Anyone who has studied Church history knows that our relationship with the…

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Meet This Book: Jesus the Spirit Baptizer — EerdWord

The inspiration for my book, Jesus the Spirit Baptizer: Christology in Light of Pentecost, began with a sentence. Stained glass art of St. Irenaeus. Église Saint-Irénée, FranceA few years ago, I picked up Irenaeus’ classic, Against Heresies, and began to … Continue reading

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