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Was Proposition 8 a Milestone for Gay Rights Activists?

I just read Elizabeth Esther’s post, Apologizing to my gay neighbors, which is about her apologizing to her gay neighbors for her vocal support for Proposition 8 in California, which was anti-gay marriage. I have never studied the history of … Continue reading

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The Soul that Sins, and Picking and Choosing

I want to share a comment that I made on another forum.  It did not get any “likes” or acknowledgment, and, since (unfortunately) my idol is approval by human beings (or at least being visible to them), I am in … Continue reading

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Coincidence, Design, or Neither?

I watched the 2004 movie Crash last night, and, earlier this week, I watched the 1999 movie Magnolia.  Both movies try to focus on coincidences and how people are supposedly interconnected.  I think that what the movies want us to … Continue reading

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Beginning a Bible Study (with Some Scars)

I’ll be going to my church’s Bible study group this coming Wednesday.  It’s a six-week program, and we will be going through Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God, which is about Jesus’ parable about the prodigal son. I was rather nervous … Continue reading

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Margaret Williams on Jewish Inscriptions

I started The Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume Three: The Early Roman Period.  I have three items from Margaret Williams’ essay in the book, “The contribution of Jewish inscriptions to the study of Judaism”. 1.  On page 82, Williams argues … Continue reading

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