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Articles on Ron Paul’s Record

I have two article on Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul to share.  Both contain information about his voting record, and both come from a rather progressive political orientation. One is anti-Ron Paul, and the other is pro-Ron Paul. The first … Continue reading

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Thoughts, Feelings, and Articulation, in Stephen King’s IT

A theme that recurs in Stephen King’s IT is having a thought that one is unable to articulate. I first encountered this theme on page 245, where Bill reflects on how he misses his dead brother Georgie, and yet he … Continue reading

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The Rabbis and the Cancellation of Debt

I finished Louis Newman’s The Sanctity of the Seventh Year: A Study of Mishnah Tractate Shebiit. A topic in my reading today was the cancellation of debts every seven years (Deuteronomy 15:1-3).  The rabbinic policy was that this applied to … Continue reading

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