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Starting Lewis Newman’s Sanctity of the Seventh Year

I started Louis E. Newman’s The Sanctity of the Seventh Year: A Study of Mishnah Tractate Shebiit.  The Mishnah tractate Shebiit concerns the land Sabbath (Leviticus 25:1-7’s prohibition on sowing the land and pruning the vineyard every seventh year), and … Continue reading

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Journeying to Find Answers

Something that I like about Stephen King’s IT—and this was true when I read the book ten years ago, and also when I read it this past couple of months—is Mike Hanlon’s exploration of the history of Derry, Maine.  Mike … Continue reading

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9/11 Prayer of Remembrance

At church this morning, I appreciated the Prayer of Remembrance, which concerned 9/11: “Remember, O God, those who suffer the loss of loved ones… “Remember all who have died in the conflict with terrorism… “Remember those who are still filled … Continue reading

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Silence, Welfare, and Stephen King’s IT

I have two items for today’s write-up on Stephen King’s IT: 1. On page 1118, Bill regrets that he told his wife, Audra, that he was going to Derry, Maine, for Audra followed him, and IT put her in a … Continue reading

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