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Starting Hanson’s Dawn of Apocalyptic

I started Paul Hanson’s 1975 classic, The Dawn of Apocalyptic.  I will start this post by quoting Hanson’s definitions of prophetic eschatology and apocalyptic eschatology on pages 11-12: “Prophetic eschatology we define as a religious perspective which focuses on the … Continue reading

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Eddie Reassuring Myra

On pages 83-102 of Stephen King’s IT, Eddie Kaspbrak gets a call from Mike Hanlon telling him that IT has returned and so Eddie has to return to Derry to help fight it.  (I just realized that I’ve been misspelling … Continue reading

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Who Can Interpret the Bible?

I finished Mark Smith’s Untold Stories: The Bible and Ugaritic Studies in the Twentieth Century.  I’ll start this post with something that Smith says on page 223: “In the last two decades, historical criticism has hardly been the hegemonic enterprise … Continue reading

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True Love

In Stephen King’s IT, Ben Hanscom has a crush on Beverly Marsh, but, while she likes Ben as a friend, she loves Bill Denbrough.  After the Losers’ Club gives IT a temporary setback in an old house, Ben observes that … Continue reading

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Albright, Jews, and Catholics; Literary Vs. Ritual

I’m continuing my way through Mark Smith’s Untold Stories: The Bible and Ugaritic Studies in the Twentieth Century.  I have two items from today’s reading: 1.  I’ll actually start this first item with something from yesterday’s reading.  On pages 31-32, … Continue reading

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Reunions and Old Roles

On page 575 of Stephen King’s IT, Richie Tozer reflects on how people fall back into their old roles at reunions: “The others saw him as the Klass Klown, the Krazy Kut-up, and he had fallen neatly and easily into … Continue reading

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Stories on Love

The topic at church this morning was love.  In the sermon, the pastor had a lot of good stories.  He opened with a story about Will Durant, who tried to find happiness in learning, in travel, and in writing, and … Continue reading

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