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Will Hanlon, Rest

On page 272 of Stephen King’s IT, we read the following about Mike Hanlon’s childhood: “It was not all school and chores, chores and school; Will Hanlon had told his wife more than once that a boy needed time to … Continue reading

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The CIA, Libya, and Conspiracy Theories

The AP has a story today, “Libyan Intelligence Documents Show Ties to CIA”.  Essentially, it’s about how the CIA sent terror suspects to Gadhafi’s Libya for questioning.  These intelligence services in Libya were reportedly abusive. Over the course of my … Continue reading

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Psalm 40

For my weekly quiet time this week, I will blog about Psalm 40 and its interpreters.  I have two items for today: 1.  Peter Craigie says that the Psalmist in Psalm 40 is on good terms with God, and yet … Continue reading

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Is Life an Exam?

On page 930 of Stephen King’s IT, Beverly tells Bill that she loathes herself for having spent so many years with her abusive husband, and Bill responds (while stuttering): “Everybody g-g-goofs it.  But it’s not an eh-eh-exam.  You just go … Continue reading

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Hanson on Second Zechariah

I’m continuing my way through Paul Hanson’s Dawn of Apocalyptic.  In my reading today, Hanson was talking about foreign nations in passages of Second Zechariah (Zechariah 9-14).  God in Zechariah 9:1-8 sweeps through the nations and takes possession of them.  … Continue reading

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