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Starting Halivni’s Peshat and Derash

I started David Weiss Halivni’s Peshat and Derash: Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis.  Peshat and Derash are two methods of rabbinic exegesis, and medieval exegetes practiced their own form of peshat.  On page 128, Halivni defines “peshat” as … Continue reading

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A Contradiction in Stephen King’s IT

There is a contradiction in Stephen King’s IT!  And I’m not talking about some of the things that I’ve considered to be tensions—such as IT interacting with adults throughout Derry’s history, yet focusing his energies on scaring and eating children … Continue reading

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Friendship, in Stephen King’s IT

I first read Stephen King’s IT in the winter of 1999.  I didn’t read too much fiction in those days, but I found that I had some spare time before school started again, and I liked the TV miniseries of … Continue reading

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