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Completing Hanson’s Dawn of Apocalyptic

I finished Paul Hanson’s Dawn of Apocalyptic.  I enjoyed my reading today because I felt that Hanson illuminated biblical texts as well as highlighted the diversity of Scripture, but in a manner that demonstrated the different ideologies in conflict, rather … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Kill You…

On pages 1027-1028 of Stephen King’s IT, Eddie says to Richie, “I hate it when you call me Eds”, and Richie responds: “I know…but somebody has to toughen you up, Eds.  When you stop leading the sheltered igszistence of a … Continue reading

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Supporting a Standard (Even When We Fall Short)

At church this morning, we prayed this prayer from the bulletin: “Even as we invite your presence, O God, we recognize that your holiness confronts us in our humanness.  Our awareness of You reminds us of ways we have fallen … Continue reading

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