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Calvinist Heresy Hunters

Well, some heresy hunters are at it again!  Calvinist Justin Taylor wrote a judicious and diplomatic explanation of Calvinism on Rachel Held Evans’ blog (see here).  But, on Justin’s own blog, some Calvinists are saying that Justin used poor judgment … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Syria

I’m continuing my way through Louis E. Newman’s The Sanctity of the Seventh Year: A Study of Mishnah Tractate Shebiit.  In this post, I’ll quote from page 121, which is about different positions in Mishnah Tractate Shebiit about the status … Continue reading

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9/11 Service

I went to my church’s evening 9/11 service.  It was packed, which surprised me, since not many people were there in the morning service.  There was a lot of patriotism there.  Flags were taped onto every pew, and the red, … Continue reading

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