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Common Sense on Three Troubling Passages

I’ve gotten some clarity over the past few days about Bible passages that have often troubled me: 1. I’ve often had problems with I John 2:9-11, which says that those claiming to be in the light while hating their fellow … Continue reading

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I Kings 8’s Transformation of II Samuel 7

I said yesterday that I would discuss how I Kings 8:15-29 interacts with II Samuel 7. This post is my meager attempt to do that, and I’ll be revisiting it as I prepare to write my paper. Yesterday’s post was … Continue reading

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Offense and Confrontation

James L. Kugel and Rowan A. Greer, Early Biblical Interpretation, ed. Wayne A. Meeks (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1986) 92. Indeed, it is as if Ben Sira has read all three parts of Lev. 19:17 as a single exhortation: You shall not … Continue reading

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McCarter, Cogan on II Samuel 7, I Kings 8

I haven’t written for some time about my paper on II Samuel 7 and I Kings 8:1-30. I’ve been getting my other assignments done, some of which took me a very long time. But I hope I can get this … Continue reading

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Law for Non-Christians, Grace for Christians

Last night, I was reading K.W. Leslie’s post on I John 1:6-7, entitled A relationship in the Light. He said the following about how Christians’ treatment of non-Christians compares with their treatment of Christians: This gets back to the usual … Continue reading

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