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A Bunch of Ramblings on Jubilees and Last Week’s The Middle

This will be a rambling post that talks about the pseudepigraphical Book of Jubilees and last Wednesday’s episode of The Middle. I’ve been reading the Book of Jubilees for my daily quiet time.  The Book of Jubilees dates to the … Continue reading

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My First American Crime Write-Up

I’ve been watching the new ABC series, American Crime, which is on Thursday nights at 10 pm. I want to write some of my reactions to the show, and I’ll use as my starting-point wikipedia’s succinct description: “The show follows … Continue reading

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Ramblings on Being a Pure Temple

The pastor this morning preached about Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple.  He said that Jesus was getting rid of the moneychangers and sellers of animals in the Temple because they were overcharging the worshipers.  The pastor then likened the Temple … Continue reading

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Scattered Ramblings on Sarcasm (With a Detour About Hell)

These past days have been the sort of days in which crap from my past enters my mind.  I was remembering an incident this morning.  I was an undergraduate in college over a decade ago, and I said something sarcastic … Continue reading

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Scattered Ramblings on Handling Success

A few weeks ago, I was watching CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday morning.  During winters or on rainy days when I cannot walk to church, my Mom’s husband drives me, and we watch pieces of CBS This Morning  before we … Continue reading

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Quagmire’s Mom and Matthew 5:23-24

In last Sunday’s Family Guy, Quagmire breaks the law and faces the possibility of twenty years in jail.  Quagmire blames his mother (played by Allison Janney) for his sexual deviancy, for she herself was promiscuous when Quagmire was growing up.  … Continue reading

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Scattered Ramblings on Loving One’s Neighbor and Relationships

III Maccabees is about the attempt by King Ptolemy IV Philopator in the late third century B.C.E. to obliterate the Jews of Egypt, and God’s deliverance of the Jews.  In the course of this plot, God messes with Ptolemy’s brain, … Continue reading

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