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Tasks for II Samuel 7, I Kings 8, Dtr Paper

Here are some things on my agenda this week for my paper on II Samuel 7, I Kings 8:1-30, and the Deuteronomist additions to those passages. I may or may not write blog-posts about them, but I’m just listing these … Continue reading

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A Portable Temple

Moshe Halbertal, People of the Book: Canon, Meaning, and Authority (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1997) 8. A third aspect of text-centeredness is that the text itself becomes a locus of religious experience. The text serves not only to report sacred … Continue reading

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Unloving “Free Grace” Christians?

There are times when I read K.W. Leslie’s Fuller Understanding blog and applaud it. There are also times when I grumble against it. And then there are times when he hits me with such a new way of looking at … Continue reading

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Augustine’s Criterion of Charity

James L. Kugel and Rowan A. Greer, Early Biblical Interpretation, ed. Wayne A. Meeks (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1986) 198. What Augustine means is that the fundamental touchstone for validity in interpreting Scripture is the rule of charity, the love of God … Continue reading

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