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Book Write-Up: One Holy and Happy Society

Gerald R. McDermott.  One Holy and Happy Society: The Public Theology of Jonathan Edwards.  Pennsylvania State University Press, 1992. This was Gerald McDermott’s first book about eighteenth century American pastor and theologian Jonathan Edwards.  See here and here to read … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods

Gerald R. McDermott.  Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths.  Oxford University Press, 2000. Jonathan Edwards was an eighteenth century pastor and theologian.  Many of you may know him on account of his sermon, “Sinners … Continue reading

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Thomas the Public Speaker

On page 447 of Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist, which is a biography of six-time Socialist candidate for President Norman Thomas, W.A. Swanberg quotes New Republic editor Bruce Bliven’s assessment in 1963 of Norman Thomas’ public speaking abilities: “He has … Continue reading

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True Repentance?

In his December 7 daily devotion in My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers says the following: “Repentance always brings a man to this point: I have sinned.  The surest sign that God is at work is when a man … Continue reading

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Harvard Libraries and Reading

There was a lot of ground covered in my latest reading of Ari Goldman’s The Search for God at Harvard: Ari’s search for a library at Harvard where he felt comfortable studying; Ari’s happiness that being a student gave him … Continue reading

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