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The Pretribulational Rapture and the Millennium

I’m currently reading Evidence for the Rapture: A Biblical Case for Pretribulationalism.  I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Moody Press, but this is not my official review.  Rather, in this post, I want to wrestle with … Continue reading

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Jewish Intermediary Agents and the Forgiveness of Sins?

Originally posted on The Jesus Memoirs:
? To begin the investigation about whether human or angelic figures could forgive sins on God’s behalf, I want to note some recent specialist literature. Check out Tobias Hägerland, Jesus and the Forgiveness of…

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Debunking Silly Statements in Greg Gilbert’s “Debunking Silly Statements about the Bible: An Exercise in Biblical Transmission.”

Originally posted on Daniel B. Wallace:
Editor’s note: Robert D. Marcello, CSNTM’s Research Manager, has written a blog for my site. I approve this message. Daniel B. Wallace By: Robert D. Marcello I recently came across Greg Gilbert’s article, “Debunking…

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