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Book Write-Up: Man, Myth, Messiah

Rice Broocks.  Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History’s Greatest Question.  Nashville: W Publishing Group (an Imprint of Thomas Nelson), 2016.  See here to buy the book. Rice Broocks wrote the apologetic book, God’s Not Dead, which was the inspiration for the … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Big Bang Theory; God’s Not Dead 2

A.  I read an article today about last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the article.  I did bookmark it, but apparently my bookmarks are not listed according to the order in which I bookmarked … Continue reading

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God’s Not Dead: Josh’s Risk, and Professor Radisson’s Conversion

I’m continuing to blog about the 2014 Christian movie God’s Not Dead.  A key sub-plot of the movie is Christian student Josh Wheaton’s conflict with his atheist philosophy professor, Jeffrey Radisson. Here are some thoughts: 1.  The Christian band, The … Continue reading

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Ramblings on the Movie Calvary

I watched the 2014 movie Calvary last night.  I often put movies in my Netflix queue after reading about them online, and I learned about this movie from Richard Beck’s blog.  Beck called it “one of the most profoundly Christian … Continue reading

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