Ramblings on Being a Private Person

I try to write on my blog every day.  Today, I am finding that difficult.  I already posted something, but I wrote that post last week and scheduled it to appear on my blog today.  I try to write an actual post each day.

What is constipating my writing?  Well, my writing is not entirely constipated.  I try to do ten minutes of free writing each day for my dissertation, and I did that pretty well today.  (Just to make clear: I spend more time than ten minutes a day in working on my dissertation!)  Writing for an audience is what can be hard.  I start thoughts in my mind, thinking of potential blog posts, yet I do not want to take those thoughts to any conclusion. Sometimes, I just want privacy.  Why do I have to share my thoughts with anyone?

There was a time when I was more enthusiastic about blogging.  Nowadays, I do not have that enthusiasm.  But I still enjoy blogging.  Just not on some days.

I am in a bit of a misanthropic mood today.  I am on most days, but especially today.  I think about all those bad social encounters I had in the past.  It makes me want to be a recluse for the rest of my life!  Lonely, yes.  But at least I don’t have to answer to or please others.

Of course, I like the people and cats with whom I live.  They essentially let me be.  I don’t have to try hard to be accepted by them.  I can talk or not talk.  It doesn’t matter.

I fear that I will not have the social skills to make it in the world, though.  Some tell me that the way that I learn social skills is to do more socializing.  Well, thanks Sherlock!  Suppose I keep falling flat on my face every time I try to socialize?  Doing lots of socializing does not necessarily teach a person social skills.

Anyway, I’m shutting off comments.  I’m just a very private person today!  Thanks, those who read!

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My name is James Pate. This blog is about my journey. I read books. I watch movies and TV shows. I go to church. I try to find meaning. And, when I can’t do that, I just talk about stuff that I find interesting. I have degrees in fields of religious studies. I have an M.Phil. in the History of Biblical Interpretation from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio. I also have an M.A. in Hebrew Bible from Jewish Theological Seminary, an M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School, and a B.A. from DePauw University.
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