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Current Events Write-Up: Feud, Tim Keller, Benedict Option, Deficit Hawks, Introverts, Billy Graham Rule

Time for a Current Events Write-Up!  I missed last week because I was writing book reviews. Romper: Is Pauline from “Feud” Based on a Real Person? The Ambitious Assistant Is a Fan Favorite, by Caralynn Lippo. I have been watching … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Liked, by Kari Kampakis

Kari Kampakis.  Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?  Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016.  See here to buy the book. In Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?, Kari Kampakis offers teenage girls advice in this social media age.  Among the … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures

Jayson Georges and Mark D. Baker.  Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures: Biblical Foundations and Practical Essentials.  Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2016.  See here to purchase the book. Jayson Georges and Mark Baker both have extensive experience in missions and exposure to … Continue reading

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Sowing, Reaping, and Reciprocation

It was supposed to rain five inches last Sunday, so I did not physically go to church that morning.  Rather, I stayed home and watched the service on the Internet.  It wasn’t the same, but it was something! The senior … Continue reading

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Booklet Write-Up: The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness, by Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller.  The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness: The Path to True Christian Joy.  United Kingdom: 10Publishing, 2012.  See here to buy the booklet. I decided to read this after reading L.L. Martin’s Positively Powerless.  Martin in her book was talking about … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: The 5 Secrets to Social Success with Biblical Principles

Dr. Lina W. Liken with Cali Blalock.  The 5 Secrets to Social Success with Biblical Principles.  Bloomington: Westbow Press, 2014.  See here to buy the book. As a person with Asperger’s Syndrome, I can use guidance on how to interact … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: The Argument-Free Marriage, by Fawn Weaver

Fawn Weaver.  The Argument-Free Marriage: 28 Days to Creating the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted with the Spouse You Already Have.  Nashville: Nelson Books, 2015.  See here to buy the book. Fawn Weaver and her husband, Keith, have an argument-free marriage.  … Continue reading

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Left Behind (2014); Dear Mr. Watterson

I watched the 2014 Left Behind movie, starring Nicholas Cage.  Here are some thoughts:  I did not care for the movie.  Now, you may be thinking to yourself that I am the sort of person who would not like the … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Like a Flower in Bloom, by Siri Mitchell

Siri Mitchell.  Like a Flower in Bloom.  Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 2015.  See here for Bethany House’s page about the book. Charlotte Withersby lives with her father and her cranky housekeeper in nineteenth century England.  Her father is a botanist, … Continue reading

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Jesus ben Sira on Hanging Out with the Rich and Generosity

Some Jesus ben Sira passages stood out to me yesterday and today.  Allow me to quote  and to comment. 1.    Sirach 13:9-10 states (in the NRSV): “When an influential person invites you, be reserved, and he will invite you … Continue reading

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