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Nicolle Wallace as a Host of The View

I am not a regular viewer of The View, but I have watched the show, now and then.  A lot of my viewing of it has been through You-Tube: I want to see if a controversial guest (i.e., Ann Coulter, … Continue reading

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Game Change

I watched the movie Game Change recently, which is about Sarah Palin.  The movie is widely considered to be a negative depiction of Palin, even by Palin herself (who, as far as I know, has not seen the movie).  And … Continue reading

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The GOP Debate, Contraception, and Anti-Christian Bigotry

This will be a rambling post about two issues that came up in the GOP Presidential debate last night. 1.  Mitt Romney was befuddled about the contraception issue (see here).  It’s odd that Mitt Romney—-a graduate of Harvard Law School—–was … Continue reading

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