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Michael Reagan’s “Mexico Held Back by Corruption”

I was looking through some conservative Townhall columns yesterday, trying to decide which ones to read.  One that I chose to read was Michael Reagan’s Mexico Held Back by Corruption.  Here are some of my favorite passages from it: “What … Continue reading

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It’s Not Censorship (Technically-Speaking), But It Still Stinks

This will be a rambling post. In a sense, I can identify with the companies that have pulled their sponsorship from Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.  These companies support such values as civility and respect for people, and they do not … Continue reading

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Santorum and Romney On People Who Lost Their Homes

I’m watching the NBC Republican Presidential debate that was on last night.  Something that stood out to me was that both Rick Santorum and also Mitt Romney expressed compassion for people who have lost their homes to foreclosure.  Rick Santorum … Continue reading

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