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Book Write-Up: Farewell to God, by Charles Templeton

Charles Templeton.  Farewell to God: My Reasons for Rejecting the Christian Faith.  Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1996. Charles Templeton was a Christian evangelist and a close friend to Billy Graham.  Templeton left the Christian faith and became an agnostic.  In … Continue reading

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Hyper-Grace, and Are Relationships with God Like Human Relationships?

I was watching a couple of YouTube videos yesterday.  They were about the Hyper-grace movement.  I blogged about that a few days ago.  See here.  In that particular link, I talk about Michael Brown’s criticism of the Hyper-grace movement.  Dr. … Continue reading

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Departing from Serving the Lord?

I had an interesting discussion before church this morning.  Someone was walking into the church, and he said to the ushers that he went to church for fifty years, and he was tired of serving.  The lady sitting in front … Continue reading

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Drawing Back from a God of Unconditional Love?

At church this morning, the pastor’s sermon was about God being a God of relationship.  The pastor said that God was sufficient in himself, but God’s love overflowed, as God created human beings to have a loving relationship with them.  … Continue reading

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Interested and Disinterested Love, and Merit

I was thinking recently about selfish people.  I cannot say that I know anybody who is completely selfish.  Nor can I say that I myself am completely selfish.  There are people whom the self-righteous might label as selfish, for there … Continue reading

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World Communion Sunday, and Rituals

At church this morning, it was World Communion Sunday.  The pastor preached about how God reaches out to human beings through the ritual of communion.  I think that he was essentially saying the same sort of thing that I’ve heard … Continue reading

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