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Internet Discussions

I sometimes get annoyed by Internet discussions: people who think that the whole world revolves around their opinion, or who think that they’re so witty when they point out what was probably already on all of the readers’ minds, to … Continue reading

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RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon, Volume 2: 12

For my write-up today on volume 2 of Richard Nixon’s memoirs, I’ll use as my starting-point something that Nixon says on page 356: “‘Whatever we say about Harry Truman,’ I said, ‘while it hurt him, a lot of people admired … Continue reading

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Gary Collins and Arlen Specter

I’d like to honor two men who passed on recently: Gary Collins and Arlen Specter. 1.  I watched Gary Collins on Hour Magazine when I was a child.  Granted, he had his feet of clay (see here), but I remember … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan—-the Bad and the Good

I can understand why some of my friends dislike Pat Buchanan.  Pat talks about what he considers to be threats to white civilization.  He blames African-Americans for their problems.  He has questioned details of the Holocaust.  And that’s the tip … Continue reading

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