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Lars and the Real Girl, and a Community’s Acceptance

I watched the 2007 movie Lars and the Real Girl a couple of nights ago.  You can read about it here.  Also check out Roger Ebert’s excellent review of the movie. There were plenty of times when I was bored … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert

I just learned (with sadness) that film critic Roger Ebert has passed on.  In this post, I would like to highlight my favorite movie reviews that he did.  I cannot access his page, so I will write on the basis … Continue reading

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Jester Hairston, Amen

At church this morning, the pastor in his sermon was talking about the 1963 movie Lillies of the Field, in which Sidney Poitier played a handyman who built a church for a group of East German nuns.  (According to wikipedia, … Continue reading

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Ernest Borgnine

I just learned that actor Ernest Borgnine has passed on.  My two favorite Borgnine performances: 1.  The 1955 movie, Marty, in which Borgnine plays a lonely butcher from the Bronx who finds love when he meets a lonely chemistry teacher.  … Continue reading

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Today is the thirtieth anniversary of E.T.  To commemorate this, I’d like to post a thoughtful quote that I encountered years ago on the review for the movie by Ken Priebe of Christian Spotlight on the Movies: “Novelist Martin Amis … Continue reading

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