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Book Write-Up: Talking Doctrine—-Mormons & Evangelicals in Conversation

Richard J. Mouw and Robert L. Millet, ed.  Talking Doctrine: Mormons & Evangelicals in Conversation.  Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2015.  See here to buy the book. Mormonism and evangelicalism have not always had a positive relationship, to put it mildly.  … Continue reading

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Non-Partisanship, Military Stimulus, and Kennedy’s Religion

I have three items for my write-up today on W.A. Swanberg’s biography of six-time Socialist candidate for President, Norman Thomas.  The biography is entitled Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist. 1.  Swanberg narrates that Thomas’ newspaper column eventually came to lose … Continue reading

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My Favorite Part of the 2012 Presidential Election

My favorite part of the 2012 Presidential race was Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (see here for the transcript).  There are a couple of reasons for this: 1.  At first, I found the speech to be rather … Continue reading

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Reactions to Last Night’s Election Results

I’ve been sick today, and so I’ve been too tired to write a post about last night’s election results.  I feel a little better at the present moment, so I’ll write my post now, but it will be a fairly … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s I’ll Be Short 3: Education

In my latest reading of I’ll Be Short: Essentials for a Decent Working Society, Robert Reich focused on education.  I have three items. 1.  Somewhere in the book, Reich says that businesses should form apprenticeships for local students who are … Continue reading

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Reactions to the Third Presidential Debate

I just watched the third and final Presidential debate for 2012.  I thought that President Barack Obama did well on a number of fronts.  First, Obama argued that things have gotten better during his term, as he discussed his rebuilding … Continue reading

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Reactions to the Second Presidential Debate

I just watched the second Presidential debate.  There were times when I thought that Barack Obama was a wimp, especially when Mitt Romney said that he wasn’t finished, and Obama meekly sat down.  But, in my opinion, Obama closed strong, … Continue reading

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