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Completing The Different Drum

I finished M. Scott Peck’s The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace. My latest reading had a few paradoxes, even if Peck may not classify them as such.  He wants for groups to be inclusive, even politically, for he states … Continue reading

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Respecting Authority

“Your beliefs should be in line with your pastor’s”, the leader of a Bible study group I was in said in the group’s first meeting of the school year.  “I believe in church authority, so the minister has a right … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Michael Craft on Good Christian Manhood

Kathy Escobar has a good post, Ex-Good-Christian-Women, in which she talks about the burden Christian women carry of having to meet (presumably certain evangelical) expectations of what it means to be a good Christian woman.  Kathy then asks if men … Continue reading

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Missing an Opportunity?

The sermon this morning was pretty ironic.  My Mom was driving me to church, and she and I were discussing the Armstrongs (see here and here for background information).  My Mom said that she does not think that sort of … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow and the She-Bears

At church this morning, the Pastor Emeritus conducted the service, since our Pastor is on vacation.  In the children’s part of the service, the Pastor Emeritus was criticizing those who mock Tim Tebow for praying in public, when there are … Continue reading

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“15 Reasons I Left Church”, and My Musings on My Own Church and Evangelical Experience

Rachel Held Evans has a good post this morning, 15 Reasons I Left Church.  In this post, I will comment on each of her fifteen reasons.  My purpose is not to tell people that they should go to church or … Continue reading

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