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Questions About Genesis 1:28-29

Each night, I pray ten minutes before I go to bed, and I decided a few days ago to incorporate Bible reading into that.  Essentially, I will read a passage, and then I will talk about it in my prayer.  … Continue reading

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2/15/2012 Links

1.  Mason Slater on his blog is featuring a YouTube clip in which Peter Enns is interviewing N.T. Wright on the question of whether the Bible should be interpreted literally.  What stood out to me in Wright’s response was his … Continue reading

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Did the Ancients Interpret Their Cosmologies Literally?

The blogosphere is abuzz with discussion about Kevin deYoung’s post, 10 Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam.  James McGrath responded to deYoung’s post, as did Joel Watts. Charles Halton has an excellent response to deYoung, and Charles links to … Continue reading

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