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Book Write-Up: Partners in Christ, by John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

John G. Stackhouse, Jr.  Partners in Christ: A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism.  Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2015.  See here to purchase the book. Partners in Christ revises and expands on a 2005 book that John G. Stackhouse, Jr. wrote, Finally … Continue reading

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Blinded by Might 8: Authenticity

For my write-up today on Blinded by Might: Why the Religious Right Can’t Save America, by Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson, I’ll talk some about Cal Thomas’ interview with Tony Hall.  According to the wikipedia article about him, Hall was … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s I’ll Be Short 4: At What Price?

I finished Robert Reich’s I’ll Be Short: Essentials for a Decent Working Society.  Reich had a profound chapter on feminism, as he talked about his wife being denied tenure, how women are not always listened to in male-dominated sayings, ways … Continue reading

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