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Book Write-Up: Pursuing Justice

Ken Wytsma with D.R. Jacobsen.  Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live & Die for Bigger Things.  Nashville: W Publishing Group (An Imprint of Thomas Nelson), 2013. This book is about why social justice should be important to evangelical Christians.  Wytsma … Continue reading

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Drinking Christians, Tee-Totaling Christians, and Being Understanding

I was recently reading Richard Beck’s post, Drinking Christians, and that made me think about the different stances towards alcohol that I have encountered among Christians over the course of my life. I grew up in an Armstrongite offshoot, and … Continue reading

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Interested and Disinterested Love, and Merit

I was thinking recently about selfish people.  I cannot say that I know anybody who is completely selfish.  Nor can I say that I myself am completely selfish.  There are people whom the self-righteous might label as selfish, for there … Continue reading

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