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Native American Eschatology

In my latest reading of Circle of Life: Traditional Teachings of Native American Elders, James David Audlin talks about eschatology.  In reading Audlin’s discussion of this, I thought about Rosemary Ruether’s critique of environmental apocalyptism in her book, Gaia and … Continue reading

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“Government to shut down Texas women’s health program”

Reuters recently had a story entitled Government to shut down Texas women’s health program.  The opening paragraph states: “The Obama Administration on Thursday said it would begin shutting down a program that provides health care for more than 100,000 low-income … Continue reading

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“It’s On the Role of Government”

Rachel Held Evans has posted her “Ask a Christian Progressive” post, which features Progressive Tim King, of Sojourners.  I especially appreciated Tim’s response to the question “What myth about progressives would you like to debunk?”  He says: “It’s on the … Continue reading

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Two Perspectives on U.S. Energy Policy

I listened to two talk radio shows today.  The first was that of Rush Limbaugh, the controversial right-wing host.  And the second was that of Thom Hartmann, a progressive. I was especially intrigued by their different points-of-view on energy policy, … Continue reading

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John Avlon on the Decline of Rush Limbaugh

John Avlon of The Daily Beast has an excellent article about the decline of Rush Limbaugh, both in terms of the number of his listeners and the quality of his program.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from Avlon’s … Continue reading

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