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What Makes a Person Good?

I read a post this morning by Derek Leman, Whatever Happened to On, Son of Peleth.  You can read the post if you want to learn who On, son of Peleth is.  What I want to do here is interact … Continue reading

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Scattered Ramblings on Humility

The theme at church this morning was humility. I had a variety of thoughts about humility both when I was walking to church, and also when I was walking back.  On the way to church, I was thinking about what … Continue reading

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Authentic Resurrection Stories?

My church had its final Bible study last night on John’s Gospel: Wisdom from Ephesus, with Michael Card.   In this post, I’ll use as my starting-point one of the questions in our workbook.  After citing John 20:1-9, the workbook … Continue reading

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Three New Friends Whom I Met in 2012

Although it is now 2013, I’d like to mention three special blogs that I encountered in 2012. 1.  The first is Derek Leman’s Messianic Jewish Musings.  Derek Leman is a Messianic Jewish rabbi.  I actually visited Derek’s blog once or … Continue reading

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Derek Leman on Isaiah 9:5(6)

Messianic Jewish rabbi Derek Leman has graciously given me permission to post today’s Daily Isaiah on my blog.  I am glad to do so because today’s Daily Isaiah was one of my favorites!  Daily Isaiah is something that Derek sends … Continue reading

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Derek Leman on the Filthy Rags in Isaiah 64:6

Isaiah 64:6 says (in the KJV) that “all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags”.  Many evangelicals have thrown this verse in people’s faces to contend that we all need Jesus to be our Savior and to cover us with his … Continue reading

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6/19/2012 Links

I have three links for today: 1.  Sarah Moon’s blog has a guest post by Abe Kobylanski entitled What Makes a Good Daddy?  Abe talks about how certain Christians (such as the Christians in a small group that he was … Continue reading

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Beyond Clashing Proof-Texts

Scot McKnight has a post criticizing the prosperity Gospel (see here).  Under that post, Derek Leman comments: “Another angle of critique of health and wealth (in addition to your community-cross-kingdom-ecclesiology answer) is a good read of Proverbs, such as Michael … Continue reading

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Passover Links

I have some good links for Passover, from a variety of perspectives. 1.  Laura Baum is a Reform rabbi, who was a classmate of mine at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.  She has an excellent article at the Huffington Post … Continue reading

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