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Negative and Positive about Religion

I had negative and positive feelings about religion while I was watching ABC News last night. One story that ABC News was reporting was actress Leah Remini’s claim that the Church of Scientology is rooting for her to lose on … Continue reading

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Bullies (an Episode of The Newsroom)

I’ve been watching the first season of The Newsroom.  It is on HBO, and it was created and is largely written by Aaron Sorkin, who gave us The West Wing.  The Newsroom is about a news program, which is anchored … Continue reading

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A 1988 Presidential Debate (Among Primary Candidates)

On YouTube, I watched a 1988 Presidential election debate that was moderated by Tom Brokaw.  Or, actually, it was two debates: it alternated between a debate among the Democratic primary candidates, and one among the Republican primary candidates. It’s definitely … Continue reading

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Michael Reagan’s “Mexico Held Back by Corruption”

I was looking through some conservative Townhall columns yesterday, trying to decide which ones to read.  One that I chose to read was Michael Reagan’s Mexico Held Back by Corruption.  Here are some of my favorite passages from it: “What … Continue reading

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The Debs Museum and My Ideological Shifts

On page 197 of Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist, W.A. Swanberg refers to Terre Haute, Indiana as Eugene “Debs’s town and a holy place to Socialists”.  I grew up close to Terre Haute, and I visited the Debs museum twice.  … Continue reading

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Charley Reese

I just learned that columnist Charley Reese has passed on.  You can read about him here, here, and here.  Here is an archive of some of his columns. I’ve had seasons in my life when I read him, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Ending One Bible Study, Starting Another

My church did not have its Bible study last night.  My pastor and his wife are away, plus we just got finished with the twelve-week curriculum on the Book to Romans.  Next week, we’ll be starting an eight week curriculum … Continue reading

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Voting Democrat, Yet Living Republican Lives

I was watching Bill Moyers on PBS last night, and he was interviewing Native American author Sherman Alexie.  What particularly interested me was this statement that Alexie made: “One of the misconceptions about Indians, you know, because liberals love Indians, … Continue reading

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Game Change

I watched the movie Game Change recently, which is about Sarah Palin.  The movie is widely considered to be a negative depiction of Palin, even by Palin herself (who, as far as I know, has not seen the movie).  And … Continue reading

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Be Not Conformed…

My church is still going through its twelve-session Bible study on the Book of Romans.  We’re using Romans: The Letter That Changed the World, with Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung.  Last night, we did session 10.  I have three … Continue reading

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