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Ramblings on Ideological Changes

Something that interests me whenever I reconnect with old friends and acquaintances is their current religious or political views.  Some of the people who were gun-ho conservative Christians back when I knew them are now atheists, agnostics, liberal Christians, gay … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Fundamentalism, by James Barr

James Barr.  Fundamentalism.  Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1977 and 1978. James Barr examines and critiques fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism.  His focus in this book is mainly on Christian fundamentalism, but he does include a brief section on Jewish treatments of … Continue reading

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Easter for Doubters and Rebellious Unbelievers?

I went to Easter vigil last night at a Catholic church with my Mom and her husband.  This morning, I went to Easter services at the Presbyterian church that I normally attend. I gained a fresh appreciation for a post … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of Jesus, Apologetics, and Wanting to Believe

In the comments section of Rachel Held Evans’ post, So how was your Easter…really? , hjk states the following: “Rather disappointed in the whole sermon being devoted to proving the resurrection, rather than proclaiming and explaining what the resurrection means … Continue reading

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Linville’s Carnival and Babinski on C.S. Lewis and Josh McDowell

Jim Linville’s Biblical Studies Carnival is now up!  And, while I was looking at Dr. Jim’s site, I noticed that ex-fundementalist Edward Babinski is on his blogroll, and I decided to visit Babinski’s blog.  Babinski has an excellent post contrasting … Continue reading

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