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Remember Sunday

I watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie last night that I actually kind of liked.  It was called Remember Sunday.  It was about a man named Gus who had the same sort of problem that the Drew Barrymore character … Continue reading

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Jester Hairston, Amen

At church this morning, the pastor in his sermon was talking about the 1963 movie Lillies of the Field, in which Sidney Poitier played a handyman who built a church for a group of East German nuns.  (According to wikipedia, … Continue reading

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The John Edwards Trial; Everything Must Go

Here are two thoughts: 1.  People will probably disagree with me on this, but I was moved by how John Edwards daughter (Cate) and his parents stood by him throughout his trial, and how he said after the mistrial that … Continue reading

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My Twenty Favorite Desperate Housewives Episodes

The last Desperate Housewives will be on this coming Sunday.  Last year, when Smallville was ending, I wrote a post that discussed my fifteen favorite Smallville episodes.  This year, I’ll talk about my twenty favorite Desperate Housewives episodes. Season 1 … Continue reading

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