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Slate: Mars Hill PR and Marketing Manager Defends Church Discipline Policy

Slate has an article on church discipline at Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church (see here for background and links).  What is interesting in this article is that it contains the point-of-view of Justin Dean, the PR and marketing manager of … Continue reading

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Mars Hill Responds on Church Discipline

Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church has responded to the controversy about its church discipline policy.  See here.  It has chosen not to discuss Andrew’s specific situation, “as this is a private matter between church leadership and members, all of whom … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Brother, Stephen, on Rigid Doctrines and Real-life People

I wrote yesterday about Andrew’s experience with church “discipline” at Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church, which has been a prominent topic of discussion throughout the Internet over the past few days.  On Matthew Paul Turner’s site, there is an excellent … Continue reading

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Mark Driscoll’s Church “Discipline”

I’d like to share some links on Mark Driscoll’s program of church discipline at Mars Hill Church.  These links are about a young man named Andrew, who was recently subjected to that discipline. Matthew Paul Turner, Mark Driscoll’s Church Discipline … Continue reading

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