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Robert Price/James White Debate, with Some Reservations About Apologetic Arguments

Yesterday, I watched a debate between Christian apologist James White and skeptic Robert Price.  The debate was over the question, “Is the Bible true?”  In this post, I will not get into all of the points and counter-points, but I … Continue reading

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Rome and Spiritual Emptiness

For its Bible study, my church is going through Romans: The Letter That Changed the World, with Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung. We watched the DVD for the lesson last night, and the picture that I got from it … Continue reading

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Kepler and Intelligent Design; Alan Brill’s Interview with David Carr

I learned of some excellent links today: 1.  Rachel Held Evans links to an article by Paul Wallace, Intelligent Design Is Dead: A Christian Perspective.  The reason that Wallace’s article is good is that it contrasts Johannes Kepler with advocates … Continue reading

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