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Mother’s Day 2009

For Mother’s Day this year, I want to list ten of my favorite television mothers. In many respects, they resemble my own mom in that they love their kids. Enjoy! 1. Annie Camden (7th Heaven): She is feisty and firm … Continue reading

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Pragmatic and Principled Conservatism

These are some scattered responses to the comments under my post, Jonathan Krohn on Conservatism. There may be some inner contradictions in what I say, but that’s why my blog is called James’ Thoughts and Musings, or, for my WordPress … Continue reading

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Chester A. Arthur

Today is Presidents’ Day, and I decided to celebrate it by randomly selecting a President and writing about him. My mouse fell on Chester A. Arthur, a Republican who was President from 1881-1885. Here’s the wikipedia article about him. Where … Continue reading

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Victor French and Ned Beatty on the Waltons

I saw an episode of the Waltons today with Victor French–Isaiah Edwards on Little House on the Prairie, and Mark Gordon on Highway to Heaven. He didn’t have a beard! He didn’t even have a heavy mustache, which he generally … Continue reading

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Desperate Housewives Thoughts

I watched the new Desperate Housewives last night, and I finished up Season 1 today. Here are some thoughts: 1. I found the episode last night to be very moving. As viewers know, Carlos is starting to regain his sight, … Continue reading

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Aggadic Stories Soothing the Soul

Source: H. Graetz, History of the Jews, volume II (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1893) 623. “The reigning distress offered no scope for the profundities of the Halacha, but furthered the study of the cheerful Agada, which, diving deep … Continue reading

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The Julian Narrative

Source: H. Graetz, History of the Jews, volume II (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1893) 595. Julian’s “favorite thoughts were to protect the oppressed of all nations and religions, to promote the well-being of all his subjects, more especially … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture a few nights ago because Stephen Collins was on it, and I wanted to see if he was anything like Eric Camden on 7th Heaven. Catherine Hicks was on Star Trek IV, and … Continue reading

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Nova on the Bible

I just watched the Nova program on the Bible’s Buried Secrets. It had on a few scholars whom I saw or met in Israel. In terms of its perspective, it pretty much followed William Dever’s ideology: minimalist on the Exodus … Continue reading

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Humility, Contribution

Have you ever had a situation in which you hear all sorts of things about a particular topic in a short period of time, and you wonder if God is trying to get your attention? That has happened to me … Continue reading

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