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Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite, who played the dad on The Waltons, has passed on.  I was also interested to learn that he had roles on Days of Our Lives (as a priest) and Bones (as Booth’s grandfather).  And, of course, he was … Continue reading

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Jonathan Aitken’s Nixon: A Life 14

I finished Jonathan Aitken’s Nixon: A Life.  In this post, I’d like to share one of my favorite stories.  I don’t have any profound thoughts to add about it, but I just liked it. On page 566, Aitken is talking … Continue reading

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Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon 3

On page 87 of Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician, Roger Morris narrates Richard Nixon’s public conversion to Christ at the age of thirteen: “On a sultry night after he began high school in September 1926, his … Continue reading

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Joe Conley (Who Played Ike Godsey on the Waltons)

I’ve been getting back into watching The Waltons.  I’m in season 1 right now. I was looking up some of the cast members, and I noticed that Joe Conley, the actor who played the storekeeper Ike Godsey, passed away a … Continue reading

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Follow Your Heart, and What Is, Is

Well, today is the day before my sermon!  So I’ll write one last post for my series on preaching—-though I may also write about my sermon tomorrow, after I come home from church.  In this post, I’ll draw from The … Continue reading

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Speaking with Authority: Delivery

I’ll be preaching this coming Sunday, and so I’ve been doing a little series on preaching. What I want to talk about today is speaking with authority.  There are many people who love it when preachers speak with authority from … Continue reading

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The Waltons: The Sermon

I’ll be preaching this coming Sunday, and I watched the episode of The Waltons in which John-Boy has to give the sermon at his church.  Giving a sermon can be quite difficult.  There’s the challenge of coming up with something … Continue reading

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No True Heroes; Inner Nurturing; Death as Punishment?; Born Again; Post-Exilic Composition or Update?; Prophets; IMDB

1. Samuel C. Hyde, Jr., Pistols and Politics: The Dilemma of Democracy in Louisiana’s Florida Parishes, 1810-1899, page 176: J.W. Armstead, a black West Feliciana proponent of education, informed congressional investigators that the Republican misuse of school funds created scores … Continue reading

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Patty Duke Reunion Movie (1999)

So why do I want to see the 1999 reunion movie for the Patty Duke Show? Here are my reasons: 1. I’ve been watching the Patty Duke Show this week to get it off my DVR. I want to see … Continue reading

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In Crazy for God, Frank Schaeffer talks about how he used to be inauthentic. When he was on the right-wing Christian speaking circuit, he felt inauthentic, as if he were playing a role, for he didn’t truly believe in what … Continue reading

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