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Current Events Write-Up: Taxes, Nat Hentoff, When We Rise, and Annette O’Toole

Time for this week’s Current Events Write-Up, in which I link to news articles and opinion pieces and comment on them. Townhall: The Stars of Sexist and Racist Hollywood Shine Bright Tonight, by Paul Jacob. I am glad that a … Continue reading

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Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon 1

I started Roger Morris’ tome, Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician.  Morris’ book covers Richard Nixon’s life up to and including 1952.  It also talks about people, places, and events prior to Richard Nixon’s birth. I was … Continue reading

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Charlene’s Story

In my latest reading of People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, M. Scott Peck talked about Charlene.  Charlene was a lady in her thirties who played by her own set of rules, regardless of how that … Continue reading

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Peace Is Not Avoidance

The topic at church this morning was peace, meaning inner peace.  The pastor in his sermon was saying that peace is not people avoiding unpleasant situations.  That reminded me of a sermon that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave, which is … Continue reading

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Sweet to Hear

I finished Stephen King’s Needful Things.  I’ll use as my starting point a passage on page 641: “Alan found himself remembering something else—-something his grandmother used to tell him when he was small: The devil’s voice is sweet to hear.” … Continue reading

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The Seventh-Day Adventists

For my write-up today on Stephen King’s Needful Things, I’ll use as my starting-point a statement on page 608: “Babs and her husband were, after all, Seventh-Day Adventists, and as far as she was concerned, the Catholics and the Baptists … Continue reading

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Company When Watching Stuff; the Cleansed Zealot

I have two items from yesterday’s reading of Stephen King’s Needful Things: 1.  Eleven-year-old Brian Rusk committed suicide because he felt guilty about setting into motion a chain of events that took two people’s lives, all to get a baseball … Continue reading

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Epistemology and Funerals

I read a lot of Stephen King’s Needful Things yesterday.  I have two items: 1.  There were a couple of passages on pages 405-406 that stood out to me, a wannabe academic.  Sheriff Alan Pangborn and Henry Payton of the … Continue reading

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Friendship, Mr. Gaunt’s Way, Christian Sub-Cultures, Fine Days

Yesterday, I got a lot of reading done of Stephen King’s Needful Things.  Here are four passages that stood out to me, along with my comments: 1. On page 302, we read the following about Alan: “He reached the corner … Continue reading

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Danforth, Myrtle, and Empathy

For my write-up today on Stephen King’s Needful Things, I’ll write some about Myrtle Keeton. In my post here, I wrote about Danforth Keeton and how he is ordinarily verbally abusive to his wife, Myrtle, but he is nice to … Continue reading

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