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Watching Smallville a Second Time Through

We finished Smallville a couple of days ago.  Smallville ran during the 2000’s, and it is about young Clark Kent, who would become Superman.  I had watched it before, but my Mom and her husband had not. When I first … Continue reading

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Lukewarm; What Would Jesus Do?

I watched a couple of Christian movies yesterday.  The first was Lukewarm, which was a 2012 Christian movie.  The second was What Would Jesus Do?, a 2010 movie that was based on Charles Sheldon’s 1896 classic, In His Steps.  John … Continue reading

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My Twenty Favorite Desperate Housewives Episodes

The last Desperate Housewives will be on this coming Sunday.  Last year, when Smallville was ending, I wrote a post that discussed my fifteen favorite Smallville episodes.  This year, I’ll talk about my twenty favorite Desperate Housewives episodes. Season 1 … Continue reading

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2011 on My Blog and Other Blogs

Some bloggers I know have been listing their top posts for 2011, or their favorite posts from other blogs.  I’ll be doing something like that in this post. My Blog On my blog, my focus this year was largely on … Continue reading

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Hidden Secrets, and John Schneider’s Testimony

I watched a Christian movie today, which (like most Christian movies) was cheesy, but I actually enjoyed it.  It was Hidden Secrets, which was released in 2006.  It’s about a group of people who gather at the funeral of a … Continue reading

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My Fifteen Favorite Smallville Episodes (and Other Things Smallville)

Today is the day of the very last Smallville episode—after a remarkable ten-year run.  Although I have been dissatisfied with the last four seasons, I still want to pay homage to the series, for it has been a comfort to … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

This coming Friday (May 13) will be the date of the very last Smallville episode—after a ten-year run.  In honor of Smallville, I will list my fifteen favorite Smallville episodes on this blog.  It’s a tough choice, since there were … Continue reading

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John Schneider on Desperate Housewives

Am I the only one who is dissatisfied with John Schneider’s role in Desperate Housewives? I like him as the kind, wise, yet brash dad on Smallville. His Desperate Housewives character appears shallow and cartoonish.

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V (2009)

I’m looking forward to the new V on Tuesday, November 3, on ABC! Not only did I like the original miniseries, and not only does this remake look awesome, but it has some of my favorite actors from some of … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2009

For Mother’s Day this year, I want to list ten of my favorite television mothers. In many respects, they resemble my own mom in that they love their kids. Enjoy! 1. Annie Camden (7th Heaven): She is feisty and firm … Continue reading

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