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Jesus Ben Sira and Self-Esteem

I’ve been reading Jesus Ben Sira for my daily quiet time.  It is part of the Deuterocanonical writings, the books that Catholics accept as canonical but that Protestants and Jews do not.  Ben Sira’s book has been labelled “Ben Sira”, … Continue reading

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Faith and Extra-Biblical Sources

For my write-up today on The Cambridge History of Christianity: Constantine to c. 600, I’ll quote or refer to passages from Brownen Neil’s “Towards defining a Christian culture: The Christian transformation of classical literature”.  These passages pertain to the question … Continue reading

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The Loop; Introvert Power; Last Night’s Desperate Housewives Episode

I have two good quotes for today, as well as some thoughts on last night’s Desperate Housewives: 1.  Rachel Held Evans had some good Sunday Superlatives yesterday.  One of them was Brett McCracken’s In Praise of Being Out of the … Continue reading

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Providence? Self-Esteem?

1. I’m studying for my rabbinics comp, which I’ll be taking tomorrow, and, lo and behold, James McGrath has a link by Simon Holloway on “The Development of the Halakha.” Coincidence, or divine providence? 2. I’m listening to Joel Osteen … Continue reading

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Insecurity and Self-Acceptance

Latin mass was interesting this morning, for the tone of the bulletin seemed to contradict the tone of the homily. The bulletin had passages like these: Don’t be so sure that you know who is and who isn’t, who will … Continue reading

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What is the source of evil acts? I’ve been thinking about this today–basing my thoughts on things I’ve read and seen on television. I recently resumed my reading of Joan of Arcadia, Season 3. As many of you know, Joan … Continue reading

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Christians Can Be Jealous?

I’m still working my way through Dale Buss’s Family Man: The Biography of Dr. James Dobson. The following quote is interesting: “One of the early by-products of Dobson’s fame…was that some friends had difficulty handling their pal’s rather sudden and … Continue reading

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Christmas Musings 2007

Today is Christmas, 2007. What am I doing today? Yesterday, I was privileged to receive my video of It’s a Wonderful Life. This was fortuitous. I could have gotten it after Christmas, but It’s a Wonderful Life is Christmas fare, … Continue reading

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The African-American Racist

My dad told me about the Dr. Phil House yesterday, so I decided to watch the show. Every Monday (I think), Dr. Phil shows how things are going in the Dr. Phil House, in which you have the most judgmental … Continue reading

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Americans Flunk Self-Assessment

I was listening to NPR last night and came across an interesting story entitled “Americans Flunk Self-Assessment.” I’m not in the mood to type numbers and slashes this morning, so I’ll paste the link from Google in case you want … Continue reading

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