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Is Dr. Dobson a Sinless Perfectionist?

Years ago, I visited the web site of Gil Moegerle, who worked for many years with Dr. James Dobson in Focus on the Family. Due to a variety of factors, Moegerle became embittered with Dr. Dobson, and he wrote a … Continue reading

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Where’s My Bitterness?

I’m somewhat a part of the Armstrongite recovery community, since Felix links to my blog on his excellent site, Post WCG Life and Theology. For those who don’t know much about Armstrongism, it was a movement founded by Herbert W. … Continue reading

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Dr. Dobson and Authenticity

I’m reading Dale Buss’s Family Man: The Biography of Dr. James Dobson. It is a touching book, for it narrates how Focus on the Family has helped numerous families throughout the world. As I was reading it, however, I was … Continue reading

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