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Book Write-Up: Evangelicals Adrift, by Matthew E. Ferris

Matthew E. Ferris.  Evangelicals Adrift: Supplanting Scripture with Sacramentalism.  Great Writing, 2015.  See here to buy the book. A number of evangelicals are converting to Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy, seeking in these faith traditions what they believe is lacking … Continue reading

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Origen on the Passover Not Being a Type of Christ’s Passion

I recently read the church father Origen’s “Treatise on the Passover”, as it is translated and annotated by Robert J. Daly, S.J.  In this post, I’ll be drawing from Daly’s comments and some of what Origen says in his treatise … Continue reading

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Questioning and Seeking Deeper Things

I finished Elaine Pagels’ The Origin of Satan.  This will be somewhat of a rambling post.  It will have a degree of structure, but it will also take tangents. Pagels refers to a statement by Tertullian that Christians asking questions … Continue reading

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Celibacy and Women

I finished The Cambridge History of Christianity: Constantine to c. 600.  On pages 671-672, Marilyn Dunn refers to Origen’s view that differences in gender “were temporary and insignificant in the vast cycle of regeneration and renewal”.  There were consequences as … Continue reading

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Church Fathers (and Marcion) on the Resurrection Body of Jesus

I finished Robert Grant’s Miracle and Natural Law in Graeco-Roman and Early Christian Thought.  In this post, I’ll focus on the interpretation of I Corinthians 15:50 by Irenaeus and Tertullian, and also the interpretation of Luke 24:39 by Marcion and … Continue reading

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Miracle-Less Gospels; Jesus the Magician?; Divinization

I finished Howard Clark Kee’s Miracle in the Early Christian World.  I have three items. 1.  On page 292, Kee states that the Bultmann school liked the Gnostic Gospels (including the Gospel of Thomas) and upheld them as the oldest … Continue reading

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Harrowing One’s Own Hell: Evagrius on Lazarus and the Rich Man

I finished Frank Schaeffer’s Patience with God last night.  Basically, his argument was that we find God in people’s love for each other, or something like that.  I was intrigued by pages 216-217, in which Frank quotes Evagrius’ Commentary on … Continue reading

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