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Did Moses Goof Early On?

Derek Leman is a Messianic Jewish rabbi, and I subscribe to his free Daily D’Var, in which he comments on passages in the Torah and the Gospels from a religious and a scholarly perspective.  I would like to share here … Continue reading

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A Goal and a Mission

I read the itinerary in Numbers 33 for my daily quiet time.  What I’d like to write about today is the goal of life. I started by thinking about the broad-sweeping history in the Hebrew Bible.  When did it come … Continue reading

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Going Out on Your Own

I recently read Numbers 32, in which the tribes of Reuben and Gad prefer to settle in the Transjordan rather than the land of Canaan.  They agree, however, to assist the rest of Israel in conquering Canaan. The first time … Continue reading

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Numbers 31: God as Judge

I read Numbers 31 for my daily quiet time through the Book of Numbers.  God commanded the Israelites to go to war against Midian to execute God’s wrath against her, for the Midianites, on the advice of Balaam, had sent … Continue reading

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Phinehas and Corpse Contamination

Phinehas was a son of Aaron, the High Priest.  In Numbers 25:7-8, Phinehas kills with a javelin an Israelite man who brazenly brought a Midianite woman into the presence of Moses and the congregation of Israel, along with the Midianite … Continue reading

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Forgiving Each Day in Prayer

When I was doing my daily quiet time recently in the Book of Numbers, studying Numbers 28, I checked my notes on that chapter that I took a few years ago.  Numbers 28-29 is about the sacrifices that are offered … Continue reading

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Cleansing Others, and the Thankless Job

I have two items for today, both of them related to my daily quiet time in the Book of Numbers: 1.  In Numbers 19, we see the law concerning the red heifer, whose ashes are mixed with water to purify … Continue reading

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