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Ben Zvi’s Commentary on Micah

I read Ehud Ben Zvi’s commentary on the Book of Micah.  Ben Zvi is skeptical about scholarly tendencies to trace prophecies back to an eighth century figure named Micah, for at least two reasons: First of all, Ben Zvi does … Continue reading

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Micah’s Search for an Honest Man

In the fourth century B.C.E., Diogenes the Cynic carried a lamp in the streets of Greece in search of an honest man. Similarly, about four centuries earlier, the prophet Micah was looking for at least one honest person in Judah. … Continue reading

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More on Atheism

I promised Scott Gray that I would take on evangelicals today, but I find that I have more to say about atheism. Some of it will overlap with what I said yesterday, and some of it will be different. Like … Continue reading

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