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Follow Your Heart, and What Is, Is

Well, today is the day before my sermon!  So I’ll write one last post for my series on preaching—-though I may also write about my sermon tomorrow, after I come home from church.  In this post, I’ll draw from The … Continue reading

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Have Something to Say, and Use Yourself as an Example

I’m doing a little series on preaching, since I will be preaching a sermon this coming Sunday at my church.  See here to read my last post.  In this post, I want to ramble on about the content of a … Continue reading

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Miserable Comforters!

At church this morning, the sermon was about how we can find comfort from Jesus, who wants to free us from fear, and how we should try to bring comfort to others. As the pastor said, one way to comfort … Continue reading

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Post-Mortem Salvation, Mercy for the Righteous, Elihu

I’m continuing my way through Justification and Variegated Nomism, Volume 1: The Complexities of Second Temple Judaism.  I have three items: 1.  Richard Bauckham talks about the Apocalypse of Zephaniah, which could date anywhere from the first century B.C.E.-the first … Continue reading

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Propitiating the Volcano

On page 144 of Stephen King’s Needful Things, there is the following passage about Pete Jerzyck’s thoughts about his cantankerous wife, Wilma: “He did not just live in fear of her; he lived in awe of her, as natives in … Continue reading

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Disinterested Nature? Introducing Harold Lauder

Last night, I read Chapter 28 of Stephen King’s The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition.  It focuses on Fran Goldsmith.  I have two items: 1.  Fran’s mother and father have just died from the superflu, and there are thoughts … Continue reading

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Bartlett’s Jobian Rant

Rolf Rendtorff, The Old Testament: An Introduction, page 252: …God no longer observes the right: he destroys innocent and guilty ([Job] 9.22f; 10.14-17 etc.).  Therefore Job challenges him to stand trial. I watched a West Wing episode from the second … Continue reading

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Vegetarians Start to Eat Meat, God Discusses Justice to Job

1.  I’ll be reading one essay of Ancient Israelite Religion every day (except Saturday), until I decide to read more.  Today, the essay I read was William W. Hallo’s “The Origins of the Sacrificial Cult: New Evidence from Mesopotamia and Israel.”  … Continue reading

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Jobian Existentialism

Robert M. Seltzer, Jewish People, Jewish Thought: The Jewish Experience in History (New York: MacMillan, 1980) 143. Seltzer discusses various viewpoints on God’s whirlwind speech in the Book of Job.  The final one that he presents is that of Matitiahu … Continue reading

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Diverse Bibles, God’s Unforgiveness, Bad and Good Waters

1. Martin Jan Mulder, “The Transmission of the Biblical Text,” Mikra: Text, Translation, Reading and Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, ed. Martin Jan Mulder (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2004) 101. “Kahle was moved to his criticism … Continue reading

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