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Movie Write-Up: Grace Unplugged

I watched a Christian movie a few days ago: Grace Unplugged, which came out in 2013.  Although the movie is Christian, Lionsgate Films and Roadside Attractions released it, and they release a lot of secular movies. The movie is about … Continue reading

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My Posts that Talk about Kathryn Joosten

Actress Kathryn Joosten has passed on due to lung cancer at age 72.  I know her as Mrs. Landingham on The West Wing, as one of the manifestations of God on Joan of Arcadia, and as Mrs. McCluskey on Desperate … Continue reading

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Psalm 66

For my weekly quiet time this week, I will comment on select verses of Psalm 66.  I will use the King James Version, which is in the public domain. To the chief Musician, A Song or Psalm. For some reason, … Continue reading

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Risky Faith

On page 808 of Stephen King’s The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition, the Judge reflects on the disappearance of Mother Abagail (the prophetess): “I wonder if we need to reinvent that whole tiresome business of gods and saviors and … Continue reading

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Ryan Hunter Falls Out of Joan Into Ghost Whisperer

I just watched the pilot for Ghost Whisperer, which premiered in 2005. Here’s what’s weird.  Ghost Whisperer replaced Joan of Arcadia on CBS, after the latter was cancelled.  In the cliff-hanger of Joan of Arcadia, Wentworth Miller played Ryan Hunter, … Continue reading

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Why Lily Values Church

When I watched the final episode of Joan of Arcadia today, I liked a comment that Lily made.  Lily is Helen’s blunt spiritual advisor, who tried to be a nun at some point.  Helen is Joan’s mom, and she’s preparing … Continue reading

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Searching for Ryan Hunter, Dreams, Psalm 29

1.  My WordPress stats jumped dramatically today, and I think I know why.  The Sci Fi Channel had a Joan of Arcadia marathon today, and people (like me a year or two ago) have been left hanging with the last … Continue reading

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A Thaw Among Physicists?

I started Mark Smith’s The Origins of Biblical Monotheism yesterday. The part that stuck out to me was on page 3: Although discourse about God and the notion of belief has become increasingly problematic in departments of religion and divinity … Continue reading

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My Private Little Cave

Frank Schaeffer, Crazy for God (Cambridge: Carroll and Graf, 2007) 136-137. After talking a little about his dad’s depression, Frank offers the following insights: Suffering from bouts of depression, I have come to understand that the choice is to carry … Continue reading

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Another Joan, Season 3

I found this on a Joan of Arcadia fan site–the one where MShaffer has his stories. It’s another Season 3 of Joan, and it looks lengthy and well-written: This should satisfy my Joan palate for a while! Before I … Continue reading

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