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Christmas 2012

On Christmas Eve, my Mom, my Mom’s husband, and I watched It’s a Wonderful Life, then we went to midnight mass.  The priest’s homily was about how Jesus was a light amidst darkness, and how we—-who have Christ inside of … Continue reading

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Inauguration Day 2009

I didn’t get to watch President Obama’s inaugural address while it was going on, but I got to see Bush leaving in his helicopter while I was eating a sub at Jersey Mike’s. One of the workers waved to the … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2008

I just finished It’s a Wonderful Life on YouTube. To be honest, I think I appreciate it more this year because my TV is indisposed right now. I’m just grateful I got to watch it! I noticed that the Christmas … Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Life on YouTube

My TV will be out of commission this Christmas day, but my tradition of watching It’s a Wonderful Life will go on! The entire movie is on YouTube. I watched Parts I and II, so I’m posting the link to … Continue reading

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Christmas Musings 2007

Today is Christmas, 2007. What am I doing today? Yesterday, I was privileged to receive my video of It’s a Wonderful Life. This was fortuitous. I could have gotten it after Christmas, but It’s a Wonderful Life is Christmas fare, … Continue reading

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